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Let us tell your story

If you don't have a writer on staff, Smart Group can help. Whether you need compelling copy, powerful press materials or snappy social media posts, we will work with you to tell your story in the right way for the right medium. 




We don't work with lazy words. There's no room for fluff. We work with active, powerful words that know their job. They know how to make an impression without showing off. Let our words speak to your people. Let them connect, inspire and bring your mission to life. 


Writing services include press releases, press kits, articles, speeches, newsletters, direct marketing materials, brochures, website copy and social media. 




It's not easy being small. Even if you're a nutritious little chia seed, you still need help to look irresistable.


At Smart Group we know our way around a camera but more than that, we know how to tell a story with just one shot. Thoughtful styling, natural light and an appreciation for the subject can transform even the smallest seed (or person) into the next big thing. 




There are times when an American brand can benefit from being represented by an English accent. It can add gravitas to a story, and an element of style. In addition to speaking engagements, Sarah Eykyn lends her crystal clear English speaking voice to projects such as voiceovers, telephone recordings and radio. 



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