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Consulting Services 

1. CONSULT with your team to assess your situation and your audience, and share the latest ideas and resources.  

2. CREATE a communications strategy specific to your target audience. 

3. DESIGN and DELIVER messages and materials that reach people on a deeply personal level. Whether your message is conveyed via traditional and social media, a coaching session or a community event, the end goal is always to plant seeds and nurture them until they bear fruit. 

4. MEASURE return on investment by turning action into tangible results. 

Smart Group Communications is dedicated to working with agencies and organizations that want to make the world a better place. We are the essential link that unites missions, media and millions of people to create meaningful outcomes. We work with non-profits and specific causes, as well with companies whose focus is in the realm of organic and natural products, conservation, and health and wellness.  
Who we are


Led by Sarah Eykyn, a seasoned communications professional, Smart Group specializes in working with creative teams at agencies, companies and institutions. With years of PR, writing, marketing and coaching experience, we form strategic partnerships with clients whose brands and missions serve the greater good. Offering skills and services on an hourly or contractual basis, we blend seamlessly (and remotely) into any size of account or brand team for as long as needed while offering truly independent thinking, strategy and counsel.    



No Hot Air

As expert communicators we’ll share the right story with the right communities at the right time. Whether the chosen medium is words, images, education or events, we will work collaboratively with you to share an authentic message (no spin) that resonates with the audience that most needs to hear it. 


Our Services  

Life moves fast. Just when you think you know how to reach your audience, the game changes. What moved people yesterday may be falling flat today. Whether your focus is on a product or a cause, you need to be nimble. That's why you need a strategic partner who will work with you on four levels to:

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